Monday, December 5, 2011

November 11 Second Club Winner!

I couldn't be more thrilled about my entry being selected for this month's 11 Second Club! Below is the HD version as it appears on my Vimeo page.

From the outset the audio clip inspired in me a modern-day noir aesthetic, much like Scorsese's The Departed.

The antagonist became a blend of influences, ranging from Anthony Quinn, Jack Nicholson, Christopher Plummer, and other film heavies with imposing voices and physical presence.

Initially Beckett was a more upright, prissy hoodlum. I thought it made for interesting contrast and it seemed to fit the slightly nasally voice. I blocked in an entire thumbnail pass of this character, but was unsatisfied with the performance and tone, and scrapped it...

In the end, Beckett became more cool, intense, and hunched over - an arrogant James Dean / Matt Damon type.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Gesture Drawing at Disney

These are drawings from two separate gesture drawing classes this week at the Disney studio. The nude drawings were 15-20 minute poses. The French maid drawings were 2-5 minute poses. I'm really enjoying drawing with China Markers.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BEN RIG 2.8 / JEN RIG 1.0

BEN returns with several additions and refinements (and a female counterpart) based on feedback I've received from my Intro to CG students. The upgrades are listed below. Thanks, everyone!

Download the BEN Maya rig here!
Download the JEN Maya rig here!

(NOTE: These are beginner-level rigs designed to illustrate basic CG principles. IK / FK switching is not automated, and constraints on nulls are not pre-made. The hierarchy is very basic, but tech-savvy animators can reconfigure parent nulls under the hood to achieve a variety of results.)

JEN is a hierarchy-identical counterpart to BEN.
They can be Maya-Referenced interchangeably.

BEN enjoys some new facial details.
Also fixed the "darkening head normals" bug.

Much improved volume preservation in shoulder weighting.

Tongue CTRLs with full range of motion.
CTRLs are inside of mouth.

An extra cleanup wrist CTRL, and individual digit CTRLs.
Fixed the "collapsing wrists" bug.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BEN RIG Beta Version 1.0

BEN is a FREE animation rig I built for the 3D Animation class I am teaching this semester at MCAD. He is an all-purpose learning rig for basic character animation exercises. This is the first Beta version, subject to revision upon suggestion / request.

Download the Maya rig here!

BEN features a standard facial GUI.

Easy visual guides, and only animation controls are selectable.

BEN is globally scalable, and is "life-size".

Low-poly skin mesh ideal for real-time animation playback.

BEN includes:
- Basic unwrapped UVs
- Tidy Outliner hierarchy
- Auto-clavicle arm controls
- Easily constrained group nodes

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Comic-Con 2011 Souvenirs

Under normal circumstances my blog is exclusively for my personal art, but this is a very unusual circumstance. I seldom splurge, and I've never been much of a collector.

However, at Comic-Con this year I was at the Van Eaton gallery booth and I fell in love with two production originals by two of my favorite animators: a razor-sharp drawing by Milt Kahl of Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty, and a pose from the opening of Who Framed Roger Rabbit drawn by Richard Williams and touched up by assistants with shadow placement in blue line.

"No carrots!"
"Aye aye, sir! Okey dokey!"
Not coming out of the plastic until handled with gloves and framed!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Palm Springs Rough Animation

I assembled my complete animation work from the Palm Springs noir short that I directed at MAKE last year. Many shots I took all the way to final cleanup, and the others I blocked in and charted so that my assistant animators could finish them. These are my raw static Photoshop animation sequences, devoid of any post-production whatsoever and set in order to the final audio track. The cars I modelled with NURBS and animated in Maya.

And here is the final piece for a comparison:

Thursday, June 30, 2011

2D Animation Tests

I uncovered some 2D animation I did a couple years back!

Mrs. Butter's Baby is a traditional (on paper!) animated short I started my senior year at MCAD while I was finishing up Mortimer & Bracket. It was for my Advanced Character Animation class, and I sort of lumped several exercises into a gag narrative about a plump mother and her bratty, stubborn little man-baby.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Samson the Superlocomotive

A concept design of "Samson" as he will appear in The Brave Locomotive. Samson is the pride of Straight Lines, the American railroad empire founded by Baron Van Kapital. The 1899 Superlocomotive is the epitome of the Dutch entrepreneur's powerful transition into the 20th century. What will become of Linus in the wake of this formidable industrial replacement?

Some rough sketches of Samson's railroad workers.