Monday, May 2, 2011

Disney Gift Illustrations

These are two original illustrations I made as personalized Christmas gifts in 2010. The top one was for my sister Emily, who is "good friends" with all of the characters in it. She currently works in Tokyo Disney (and endured the recent earthquake there) and has the picture framed in her room. The bottom one was for my friend Kelly, who works in Hong Kong Disney and is also "good friends" with those characters, particularly Fawn the fairy.


  1. JEEZ!! The Nine Old Men would be proud.

  2. I love those rare moments when you do fanart it always produces some really nice pieces. I love how ariel looks really naughty in the second piece. and I'm disturbed by cruella hiding behind amidala in the first.

  3. can't help but feel like you should've done house of mouse too, all the different jostling styles were often handled poorly and trumped the nerdiness of the crossovers.