Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BEN RIG 2.8 / JEN RIG 1.0

BEN returns with several additions and refinements (and a female counterpart) based on feedback I've received from my Intro to CG students. The upgrades are listed below. Thanks, everyone!

Download the BEN Maya rig here!
Download the JEN Maya rig here!

(NOTE: These are beginner-level rigs designed to illustrate basic CG principles. IK / FK switching is not automated, and constraints on nulls are not pre-made. The hierarchy is very basic, but tech-savvy animators can reconfigure parent nulls under the hood to achieve a variety of results.)

JEN is a hierarchy-identical counterpart to BEN.
They can be Maya-Referenced interchangeably.

BEN enjoys some new facial details.
Also fixed the "darkening head normals" bug.

Much improved volume preservation in shoulder weighting.

Tongue CTRLs with full range of motion.
CTRLs are inside of mouth.

An extra cleanup wrist CTRL, and individual digit CTRLs.
Fixed the "collapsing wrists" bug.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BEN RIG Beta Version 1.0

BEN is a FREE animation rig I built for the 3D Animation class I am teaching this semester at MCAD. He is an all-purpose learning rig for basic character animation exercises. This is the first Beta version, subject to revision upon suggestion / request.

Download the Maya rig here!

BEN features a standard facial GUI.

Easy visual guides, and only animation controls are selectable.

BEN is globally scalable, and is "life-size".

Low-poly skin mesh ideal for real-time animation playback.

BEN includes:
- Basic unwrapped UVs
- Tidy Outliner hierarchy
- Auto-clavicle arm controls
- Easily constrained group nodes