Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BEN RIG 2.8 / JEN RIG 1.0

BEN returns with several additions and refinements (and a female counterpart) based on feedback I've received from my Intro to CG students. The upgrades are listed below. Thanks, everyone!

Download the BEN Maya rig here!
Download the JEN Maya rig here!

(NOTE: These are beginner-level rigs designed to illustrate basic CG principles. IK / FK switching is not automated, and constraints on nulls are not pre-made. The hierarchy is very basic, but tech-savvy animators can reconfigure parent nulls under the hood to achieve a variety of results.)

JEN is a hierarchy-identical counterpart to BEN.
They can be Maya-Referenced interchangeably.

BEN enjoys some new facial details.
Also fixed the "darkening head normals" bug.

Much improved volume preservation in shoulder weighting.

Tongue CTRLs with full range of motion.
CTRLs are inside of mouth.

An extra cleanup wrist CTRL, and individual digit CTRLs.
Fixed the "collapsing wrists" bug.


  1. awesome rig!
    is there an IK/FK switch?

  2. Thanks, Danny.
    Unfortunately, I never got around to building the feature automatically - it's very necessary, I know.

    1. thanks for the fast reply. I'm animating this rig for a shot i hope to use in my showreel (i hope thats ok?). halfway through the animation i noticed there is only IK, hehe.. im not the best rigger so i dont know if its possible, i could build in the ik/fk switch myself!

  3. Woah nice! This is pretty sweet!

  4. Why aren't there IK/FK switches for the limbs? That's pretty much mandatory for any rig these days. I was about to use this rig, but now won't because it lacks this basic feature.

  5. Awesome rig/model!! Got given this to use for a project at uni. Saved so much time thank you!

    1. Thank you, Kelly! I'm sorry again to those of you who were disappointed in the lack of built-in IK / FK switching and world / local constraint options. These were designed for an Intro to CG class that was getting accustomed to the basics of Maya and built quickly and simply.

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  7. Hello, I was asked today if I looked up to any animators. I said no. I then tried to download your ben for a final project before graduation and the link brought me to your art website. I will tell people I look up to Andrew Chesworth from now on. I'll find another rig, but thank you.