Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BEN RIG Beta Version 1.0

BEN is a FREE animation rig I built for the 3D Animation class I am teaching this semester at MCAD. He is an all-purpose learning rig for basic character animation exercises. This is the first Beta version, subject to revision upon suggestion / request.

Download the Maya rig here!

BEN features a standard facial GUI.

Easy visual guides, and only animation controls are selectable.

BEN is globally scalable, and is "life-size".

Low-poly skin mesh ideal for real-time animation playback.

BEN includes:
- Basic unwrapped UVs
- Tidy Outliner hierarchy
- Auto-clavicle arm controls
- Easily constrained group nodes


  1. nice looking rig will play around with this soon

  2. Hi,
    Nice rig man,
    I am going to play with this rig in march competition (11 Second)