Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Quit Smoking" by Make

Congratulations to my wonderful colleagues at MAKE for creating these 2D animated / live action hybrid PSAs.  You guys make it seem effortless, and continue to be a principal supplier of quality hand-drawn animation.  I can't wait to see all of the other great 2D projects you have in queue waiting to be released!

This was one of the last projects I contributed animation to before coming to Disney.

The behind-the-scenes clip brings back some fun memories:


  1. -B-
    Amazing work Andrew!
    Is the 2D part made in Photoshop (I mean all stages: blocking, rough, clean-ups...)?

  2. That's correct, Amir!

    The shadow and highlight layers that were animated hard-edged in Photoshop were blurred and treated in After Effects with the main composite.

  3. -B-
    Greaaaaat solutions!!
    Thanks for answering!
    You are inspiration for 2D animators, Mr.Andrew!!


  4. -B-
    They should make Roger Rabbit sequel in this technique,not in CG (as there been shown on this:
    To keep the feeling from original movie.
    Once again, great work Mr.Andrew!!!

  5. Awesome job man! I love the behind the scenes stuff :)