Saturday, January 23, 2016

"Zootopia" Crew Caricatures

While playing around with the awesome Photoshop brushes by Shiyoon Kim, I drew some caricatures of my colleagues at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Our Zootopia directors - Jared Bush, Byron Howard, and Rich Moore. Incidentally, our crew wrap party is tomorrow! Cheers to these talented and immensely hardworking filmmakers who brought together this wonderful film.

Our wonderful lead actors, Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman!

Our animation leadership (the Zoopervisors!) - Jennifer Hager, Chad Sellers, Nathan Engelhardt, Bobby Huth, Kira Lehtomaki, Renato Dos Anjos, Tony Smeed, and Jim Hasman.

The roughest, toughest critter, never known to be a quitter! Zach Parrish, fastest animator on Zootopia and head of animation on Big Hero 6.

Unflappable Minnesotan Kaileen Kraemer is always helping animators out of jams when it comes to technical difficulties. She has a heart as big as her hair!

Waiting for lunch at Disney's Tujunga studio food trucks with animator Abe Aguilar.

Hilarious and awesome animator Alex Snow!

Dave Sandwich - three Davids, one small corner of the animation department (Hardin, Lisbe, and Stodolny.)

Ice skating with animator Riannon Delanoy during production.

Justin Sklar, one of my favorite animators / personalities at the Disney studio. We began as trainees together in 2011.

Our animation production support - Mariel Song, Nicholas Ellingsworth, Sarah Kambara, and Mary Howie.

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